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Don’t Drink Out of an Uncovered Straw.

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Perhaps two thirds of the time when I dine out, drinks are served with straws that are uncovered. The FDA Food Code requires straws be served with covers. Why?

If an uncovered straw is kept in a container, no doubt it got there because someone took it from a box and put it in the open container for ease of distribution. As the straw is put in the container, bare hands usually touch it. I would be amazed if anyone used gloves in that process. They are then exposed to casual touch or coughing or sneezing. Finally before it makes it into your glass, a server touches it again. No one washes their hands before touching the straws. So you end up with whatever bacteria is on their hands on your straw and in your mouth. Next time you are dining out, why not ask the waiters to just put his/her hands in your mouth and bypass the straw. Yuk!


Look at the accompanying picture. There is no way those straws can remain clean. Likely each time the server reaches for a straw, he/she touches another straw.

Your straw may have been touched multiple times.


Throw it away!

Be safe!

One more point on straws.

Those little dipsticks the bar tender puts in your glass as a stir rod are just as contaminated.

Don’t drink out of those.



Demand excellence. Don’t put your health at risk.


Dr. H Stueven




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