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Our mobile apps for rating restaurants on cleanliness deliver the same inside information on restaurant food safety in your area as the website but offer convenience and ease of use for the person on the go.


Unlike most restaurant-finding apps, Dining Grades mobile apps for restaurants offer you directed information on the cleanliness, customer satisfaction and recoomendation of a restaurant - not just its decorations, food, or friendly staff.


You can SEARCH for restaurants and once you find your preferred clean restaurant using our mobile apps, you can display a map, get directions or call the restaurant directly from the profile screen. You can even make on line reservations at thousands of restaurants.


When you've finished dining, use the convenient tip calculator and then easily RATE by tapping "Finished Dining Rate Now". You'll be prompted to answer yes-or-no questions regarding the cleanliness of the restaurant, your satisfaction and recommendation and be given an opportunity to leave your comments for future users.


If your restaurant is not on the list, it will be added by typing the restaurant's name, then tapping "Yes" for "Are you at the Restaurant now?" It even adds address and phone automatically. If you've already driven home, the app will initiate a search to find your restaurant's address, phone number and display a list for you to choose from.


App features:

  • Find clean recommended restaurants in your area, displaying by grade or alphabetically.
  • or use your mobile phone's GPS to find restaurants close to you.
  • or Search for restaurants by specific city & state.
  • Convenient Tip Calculator.
  • Our unique "Three-letter search" finds restaurants quickly for grading.
  • Grade your dining using a smooth push-style system of questions on the cleanliness, satisfaction and recommendation of the restaurant.
  • Adding restaurants is a breeze with "Are you in the Restaurant now?"
  • WIN OR EARN gift certificates for grading restaurants.
  • Be on the edge of clean recommended dining!