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How Restaurants Use Dining Grades


How Restaurants Use Dining Grades



Before Coronovirus or COVID19 you probably didn’t think much about food safety when dining out. The pandemic has made us all more aware of how vulnerable we are to pathogens. Unfortunately, foodborne illness was an issue long before 2020 with one in six people getting sick annually. An estimated sixty percent of these cases are the result of contaminated restaurant food.

Dining Grades Restaurant Grading

Until now, both diners and restaurants have been hindered by a lack of information that is clear, reliable, and consistent. Dr. Stueven’s Dining Grades reviews hard data from public health inspection scores and converts it to a standardized numerical score with a simple letter grade system. Fortunately over 80% of restaurants have earned an A grade. Now you can see where to "Dine out with Confidence".

We’ve also identified gaps in the safety protocols restaurants follow and put together a training for front of house staff that’s easy to complete and understand. Once your staff has completed the training, a Dining Grades window sticker helps patrons feel more confident about your establishment’s safety efforts when dining out and ordering food for delivery.



Supported in part by a grant from a CDC funded, National Environmental Health Association administered, food safety initiative.