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The phrase “it must have been something I ate” is usually said with a smile and a chuckle, but the reality is that food poisoning is a serious problem. There are tens of thousands of food borne illnesses and several thousand deaths among restaurant guests every year.

Yet these incidents are entirely preventable. Dr. Stueven’s Dining Grades is a unique resource that provides consumers the information they need to confidently choose restaurants that place a high priority on food safety.

The idea that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure is the foundation on which Dr. Stueven’s Dining Grades has been built. A board certified emergency room physician, former emergency department chief, researcher, and author, Dr. Stueven is an acknowledged authority on food safety. Until now, both diners and restaurants have been hindered by a lack of information that is clear, reliable, and consistent. Dr. Stueven’s Dining Grades reviews hard data from public health inspection scores and converts it to a standardized numerical score, simple letter grade system. An “A” grade is a badge of honor for a restaurant and it can positively impact business in a way that goes beyond the effect of a review or rating on a travel site. Look for our Window Decal honoring the best of the best.

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Dr. Stueven’s Dining Grades is a true game-changer. It will permanently change the way people choose where to dine and how restaurants meet their commitment to food safety. The restaurant industry, and millions of customers, will be better off for it.

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Harlan Stueven MD

Founder and President

Harlan Stueven M.D. is a Board Certified Emergency physician with sub-specialization in Environmental Toxicology and Board Certification in Medical Toxicology. Starting his career in the USAF, he served as a Flight Surgeon and Environmental Health Consultant Physician where one of his duties was monitoring food safety. In his nearly 40 year practice, he treated a range of medical, surgical and poisoning emergencies. He has been a Medical Director and/or Chairman of several hospital-based Emergency Medicine Departments, sat on many national, state and local committees. Dr. Stueven founded Dining Grades and the Dining Safety Alliance to improve food safety by increasing awareness of food borne illness and through the formation of partnerships within the food industry.

He is an accomplished leader, medical researcher, a champion of process improvement, author, and national and international speaker.

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