Consumer Dining Expectations Post COVID19

Consumer dining expectations post COVID19.

We recently saw a potential glimpse at what consumer dining expectations post COVID19New Restaurant Normal Post COVID95 - A restaurant worker using a nose-cover.  could look like. We had been socially distancing in Florida and began a road trip to Colorado. We hadn’t eaten in any restaurants for 7 weeks. Days before, Florida restaurants opened their doors for outdoor seating.

After looking at the health department inspections, we chose Barracks Fish House in Pensacola. We approached the open-air seating hostess stand with masks on. The two greeters wore masks. On the way to the outdoor table, our hostess suggested we use a wall mounted hand sanitizer. Continue reading “Consumer Dining Expectations Post COVID19”

Physician Attendance at the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago

Why would an emergency/toxicology physician attend the National Restaurant Association meeting in Chicago?

The National Restaurant Association (NRA) annual Chicago meeting brings the brightest, most talented leaders in the restaurant hospitality sector together for a week of exchanging ideas, learning, and exploring new products and services. So why would a physician attend?

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Restaurant Grading is Difficult to Find and Understand

In my last blog, I discussed the importance of restaurant grading in improving food safety and reducing food borne illness. While many municipalities and states post grades, the data can be difficult to find. Some of the data is variably housed on a city, county, regional, or state website. The team at Dr. Stueven’s Dining Grades have spent countless hours looking for these very important links. Unfortunately, some states and/or large municipalities apparently believe this to be confidential data and don’t display it. If you are choosing a place to dine in familiar territory, you may have a better idea what the food safety grades are, but if you are traveling and want to find a food safety rating from an unknown municipality site, it can be considerably harder!

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When Good Foods Become Bad: Raw Foods

Raw Ground Meats
When we first moved to Wisconsin we were offered “Steak Tartare” at a holiday gathering. “Steak Tartare”, “Cannibal” or “Tiger Meat Sandwiches” are usually raw ground beef topped with condiments and onions over bread or crackers. What we didn’t know was that this can be a risky food. It is so risky that the Wisconsin Health Department recently strongly advised against the practice.

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