Food Safety Training

Restaurant Food Safety Image is Important to Success!

“Diners consider restaurant cleanliness to be more important than the quality of the food.” – ECOLAB

“99 percent …said restaurant cleanliness was important and would stay away from a restaurant if they felt it was not clean.” –

“Dirty dishes, …. and dirty restrooms are the top reasons consumers would never return to a restaurant.” – CINTAS

“46 percent of restaurant goers would avoid an establishment based solely on comments from their friends or family.” – Turk Green Hygiene Council

Dining Grades Offers Training Solutions!

Food Safety Training Made Easy

  • Standardizes a food safety orientation program
  • Ensures a minimum level of comprehension with quizzes
  • Unburdens management from educational responsibilities
  • Simplifies food safety instruction for entry & temporary staff
  • Available anytime…Course and Quiz are Internet based
  • Quiz Scorecard printable for completion verification
  • Available in English & Spanish

Our Courses Simplify Training!

Expert Resources

  • Designed primarily by Bruce Kress RS
  • 40 years in food safety education
  • Certified instructor for the National Restaurant Association
  • Also teaches and administers the SERVSAFER examination
  • Has certified thousands of food handlers
  • Edited by Harlan Stueven MD
  • 39 years in practice of Medicine
  • Certified in Emergency Medicine and Poisoning Management
  • Clinician, Researcher, Writer, Educator
  • Has trained thousands of healthcare workers in emergency & poisoning care

Our Courses are Expertly Designed!

Food Preparer Refresher Course “Back of House”

  • Focuses on safe food preparation/storage
  • 90 multimedia slides, 65 questions & takes 90 minutes
  • For the Manager
  • For the “Secondary Cooks”
  • As a refresher course for cooks & food prep staff

Our Courses Address Food Safety Inspection Standards!

Food Server Course “Front of the House”

  • Focuses on safe food service
  • 80 multimedia slides, 35 questions & takes 75 minutes
  • Limited grill/food bar staff
  • Waiter or waitress. Bartenders
  • Table prep/cleaning staff
  • Cafeteria food servers, airline attendants, motel/ hotel wait staff & nursing home servers

Our Courses Address Cleanliness Image & Food Safety Standards!

Dining Grades is leading the way in food safety monitoring! Our food safety training courses are FREE to food establishments who “claim” their listing.

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