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Dining Grades offers customized food safety reports for restaurants, franchises or chains.
  • Reports provide “Where the food safety problems are” and “What needs to be fixed” in a simplified data analytical format so that a restaurant, franchise or chain can compare within its own system or shine compared to the segment.
  • Reports are compiled Health Department rating data, aggregated & normalized to grades.
  • Data compares a restaurant, franchises or chains across municipality lines against national, state or regions by dining segment or blinded competition.
  • Data provides dynamic “Top National Violations”, helping focus education & awareness efforts.

Download a sample food safety report & executive summary. Contact us for pricing of a customized report for your restaurants.

Sample Report Image
Sample Report Image
Dining Grades offers the following tools to “A” graded restaurants ONLY.

Window Decal

Window Decal

Stickers to send home with leftovers.
Stickers can reduce the risk of food borne illness, mitigate risk and invite CONFIDENTIAL feedback.

Leftover sticker

Sticker Sample

Contact for pricing.