Preventing Home Borne Food Poisoning

While the focus of much of the news is on the restaurant business, certainly much of the food borne illness occurs in the home. Data on this part of the epidemic is largely unreported, unless the patient becomes profoundly ill and is admitted to a hospital. There are important steps you can take to prevent food poisoning at home. Cleaning and disinfecting is not the same thing. Cleaning removes germs from surfaces – whereas disinfecting actually destroys them. Cleaning with soap and water to remove dirt and most of the germs is usually enough. But sometimes, you may want to disinfect for an extra level of protection from germs.

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“FOOD POISONING strikes 1 in 6 Americans each year,” reports the CDC. “Web site serves up City Restaurant Inspection Reports” is the title of an article in the Small Business Times August 9, 2007. “…restaurant hygiene grading with public posting of results is an effective intervention for reducing the burden of food borne disease” according to the Journal of Environmental Health March 2005. These are just a few of the recent regional and national headlines on food poisoning.

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