Serving the Restaurant Industry and Its Guests

Dr. Stueven’s Dining Grades is committed to improving public health by working closely with the restaurant industry, the travel industry and public health officials.

Even the best-intentioned restaurants and consumers are limited by the quality of data available to them. They need better, clearer, and more accessible information so they can make informed decisions and take more effective actions.

The proprietary national Dining Grades database is the largest, most up-to-date, and accessible source of restaurant food safety scores available anywhere. Currently, public health inspectors use dozens of different grading systems, so guests and companies alike face confusing standards, processes, and grading systems. Dining Grades has taken those inspections and converted them into a single, standardized score and percentile rankings. To make it easier for the consumer those scores are converted to a grade that gives each restaurant a letter grade for every inspection as well as a cumulative 3 year grade.

We are actively seeking Travel Website Partners who want to display our grades on their sites.

Dining Grades Partners and Sponsors

Dining Grades is committed to being a dependable partner with the entire restaurant, hospitality and travel industry sharing the common goals of customers having great experiences and reducing food borne illnesses.

Dining Grades is actively seeking travel industry, industry suppliers, restaurant companies, and other interested organizations to join us as partners.

For partnership information, contact us.



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