How Safe is Bed & Breakfast, Motel or Hotel Breakfast Food?


On a recent cross-country auto trip, we stayed in several nationally known motel chains. Alternately we often will stay in a Bed & Breakfast and/or independent motel or hotel that is highly rated by fellow consumers on travel websites.

I frequently wonder how many of the server staff have had food safety training. I assume that most national motel chains have training courses as part of their orientation. But what about the bed and breakfast or the independent motels? I would guess the standards may not be at the same level.

Research has shown that food safety standards in a typical home fail to meet recognized food safety standards. If the servers in the aforementioned have not had any food safety training, guests are at increased risk of food borne illness.

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Food Safety Education Can Enhance Your Image & Save Your Business


Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world” Nelson Mandela

Unfortunately there are people who suffer and die from food borne illness.

The CDC reports that, an average of 8 people a DAY and an average of 350 people a DAY.

According to the CDC at least 48% of food borne illness is traced to restaurants. In a 2014 report the number is even higher.

It is not for lack of science that the problem continues. Food safety experts know which viruses and bacteria cause disease. They know how to best store, transport, prepare and serve foods. That science is periodically reviewed by hundreds of experts and is at the core of our FDA food code. The code has been condensed to 54 establishment inspection items. Almost every state has patterned its food code after that national standard. Continue reading “Food Safety Education Can Enhance Your Image & Save Your Business”

Is Your Chicken Safe to Eat?


The Environmental Health Specialists Network (EHS-Net) of the CDC examined restaurant chicken preparation and cooking practices and kitchen managers’ food safety knowledge concerning chicken.

Many restaurants were not following FDA Food Code to prevent cross-contamination and ensure proper cooking. Managers often lacked basic food safety knowledge about chicken preparation.

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Restaurant Employee Sickness Spreads Disease.


Restaurant Employee Sickness Spreads Disease.

Restaurant Food Poisoning is caused 20% of the time by sick workers.

One of the Secret Diner questions is:

Was the server/cook noticeably ill, have hand cuts, wounds or rashes? “

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Are Restaurant Managers and Workers Knowledgeable about Food Safety?

In 2012 the CDC Environmental Health Specialist Network conducted a telephone and then face-to-face interview study with chain and independent restaurant managers. They published their work in a 2014 paper titled Restaurant manager and worker food safety certification and knowledge. Their findings are troubling.

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