Our Children are at Great Risk of Food Poisoning

It is challenging enough to take care of a sick adult, but when children get sick, dehydrated, need intravenous fluids and look like near death, it is heart wrenching.

As an ER physician, I have taken care of many sick kids. Most of my colleagues would agree that comforting the crying child and sometimes the crying parents, attempting to draw blood or start an IV is really emotionally draining.

Unfortunately, according to a 2011 CDC report, children aged younger than 5 years continue to have the highest rate of food borne infections. Nationally every year there was 1 infection per ~ 1500 children.

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Cruise Ships and Disease

One quarter of passengers on a British cruise ship got norovirus.

Historic Cuba Cruise Returns to US with suspected outbreak.

Dozens of Star Princess Passengers Sickened by Stomach Bug

With headlines like that why would you travel on a cruise line?

We have taken several cruise trips and are taking a cruise from Alaska to Vancouver soon. I have been impressed with the attention to food safety on cruise lines. But remember you are at risk as the quarters are close.

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