Food Safety Education Can Enhance Your Image & Save Your Business


Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world” Nelson Mandela

Unfortunately there are people who suffer and die from food borne illness.

The CDC reports that, an average of 8 people a DAY and an average of 350 people a DAY.

According to the CDC at least 48% of food borne illness is traced to restaurants. In a 2014 report the number is even higher.

It is not for lack of science that the problem continues. Food safety experts know which viruses and bacteria cause disease. They know how to best store, transport, prepare and serve foods. That science is periodically reviewed by hundreds of experts and is at the core of our FDA food code. The code has been condensed to 54 establishment inspection items. Almost every state has patterned its food code after that national standard. Continue reading “Food Safety Education Can Enhance Your Image & Save Your Business”

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