Consumer Dining Expectations Post COVID19

Consumer dining expectations post COVID19.

We recently saw a potential glimpse at what consumer dining expectations post COVID19New Restaurant Normal Post COVID95 - A restaurant worker using a nose-cover.  could look like. We had been socially distancing in Florida and began a road trip to Colorado. We hadn’t eaten in any restaurants for 7 weeks. Days before, Florida restaurants opened their doors for outdoor seating.

After looking at the health department inspections, we chose Barracks Fish House in Pensacola. We approached the open-air seating hostess stand with masks on. The two greeters wore masks. On the way to the outdoor table, our hostess suggested we use a wall mounted hand sanitizer. Continue reading “Consumer Dining Expectations Post COVID19”

Restaurant Grading Solutions: We Need Consistency

After obtaining several million health department inspections, reviewing tens of thousands of health department reports, sifting through hundreds of health department websites, and analyzing dozens of scoring schema, we offer some conclusions.

For restaurant health department inspections to really be useful, we need consistency.

Continue reading “Restaurant Grading Solutions: We Need Consistency”

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