How Good Foods Can Go Bad: Fruits and Vegetables

Moms and nutritionists agree, “eat your fruits and vegetables”. While I share that admonition, I offer a caution – wash them first!

The second deadliest bacterial food borne outbreak in the last 40 years killed thirty people and sickened 146. In 2011, the contaminated cantaloupe outbreak reached across 28 states. FDA officials ultimately found Listeria on dirty equipment previously used in potato farming. Contaminated water was found on the floor of the packing plant while the employees moving around the plant spread it. It is suspected that a “dump truck used to take culled melons to a cattle farm could have brought bacteria to the facility”. Furthermore, bacteria growth may have been caused by the lack of a cooling step before refrigeration.

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Are Your Eggs Served With or Without Bacteria?


Foods prepared with raw shell eggs have often been associated with Salmonella bacteria food poisoning outbreaks.

The Environmental Health Specialists Network interviewed restaurants that prepare eggs to determine egg-handling practices.

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