How Safe is Bed & Breakfast, Motel or Hotel Breakfast Food?


On a recent cross-country auto trip, we stayed in several nationally known motel chains. Alternately we often will stay in a Bed & Breakfast and/or independent motel or hotel that is highly rated by fellow consumers on travel websites.

I frequently wonder how many of the server staff have had food safety training. I assume that most national motel chains have training courses as part of their orientation. But what about the bed and breakfast or the independent motels? I would guess the standards may not be at the same level.

Research has shown that food safety standards in a typical home fail to meet recognized food safety standards. If the servers in the aforementioned have not had any food safety training, guests are at increased risk of food borne illness.

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Choosing Safe Lodging Breakfast Food

We like staying in motels that offer breakfast. It’s convenient and it saves money. Can’t beat that. But how clean and how healthy is that breakfast food?

It is reassuring that the respective Health Departments do food safety inspections and often post the results for the public. Unfortunately there are many Health Departments that do not post these scores.

Yet, a quick Google search reveals that many people complain of getting food borne illness after eating in a lodging establishment.

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