Atlanta Restaurants

Whether you live in Atlanta or are visiting, knowing the food safety standards of the restaurants you choose to eat at is always important to your health.

Dr. Stueven’s Dining Grades is helping those in the Atlanta area, and across the United States, choose restaurants that are committed to food safety and healthy food handling practices. Based on local public health inspections scores, Dr. Stueven’s Dining Grades provides cumulative data represented as easy to understand letter grades that Atlanta restaurant patrons can use to easily determine restaurants’ histories of food safety and make better informed dining decisions.

Georgia is known for pecans, peaches, and peanuts, but it is the southern cuisine and the A rated Atlanta restaurants that catch our attention on food safety. Dine out with confidence in Atlanta with information on restaurant food safety ratings courtesy of Dr. Stueven’s Dining Grades. standardized health department food safety inspection grades are made available through our travel site affiliates.

Anyone can access our food safety grades for the cost of a cup of coffee!

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