Chicago Restaurants

When you are dining in Chicago you might want to try a deep dish pizza, a Chicago style hot dog or an Italian beef sandwich, but there is fine dining and "A" food safety rated restaurants.

Dr. Stueven’s Dining Grades has taken public health inspection ratings for restaurants in Chicago and made them easier to understand for those looking for places to dine that are committed to food safety and hygiene. Using letter grades based on cumulative data, it is easy to see which Chi-town restaurants have placed a priority on food safety and the health of their customers.

Dine out with confidence in Chicago and throughout the United States. Renowned for its culinary scene and iconic food items, Chicago has so many great restaurants to choose from. Search your next food and beverage destination here to see how it rates for food safety. standardized health department food safety inspection grades are made available through our travel site affiliates.

Anyone can access our food safety grades for the cost of a cup of coffee!

SEE THE GRADES and "Dine Out With Confidence".